Un’intima intervista a Francesco Sembolini da 121clicks

Francesco Sembolini per 121clicks

Un’intervista molto particolare e fuori dai generi, quella che il nostro Francesco Sembolini ha concesso ad Arek Rataj del famoso magazine 121clicks.

Se volete conoscere qualcosa di molto personale su Francesco vi consigliamo di non perderla.


Un piccolo assaggio…

What is your first childhood memory?

I was seven or eight years old and I was sitting next to my great-grandmother while she was telling me about the birth of my father during the Second World War.

Are you still learning who you are?

At the age 45, I have understood that I will be constantly continuing to discover new things. I have experienced so many developments during my life that at the end of each experience I thought I knew myself, I knew Francesco. But I didn’t.

Who are you when no one is looking at you?

When I am alone with myself, I am more free. Relationships with others restrict the freedom, which, in many cases, is good and serves certain purposes.


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