Pierfranco Fornasieri


“In the moments when I look for, see, evaluate and take photos, the stories of a thousand lives pass before my eyes. The subjects of my images are the enzyme that binds me inextricably even for a moment to other people’s stories.”

PierfrancoFornasieri, from Turin was taking photos in his mind before owning a camera.

Elaborate visionary scripts that unfold from ordinary life situations of others. He prefers to work by project. Federico Fellini, the Coen, Simenon, jazz and home cooking his main sources of inspiration. He believes in spontaneous photography and, therefore, his path over the years has taken an almost natural turn towards Street Photography that, with proven quality, led him to become a member of the collective “Italian Street Eyes” at the beginning of 2017.

He is currently represented by Milan agency GT Art Photo Agency.



Portfolio 2



Seconde Storie

“Seconde Storie” can rightly be defined as an “Atlas of human memories”. Moving in a discreet and never intrusive way, Pierfranco Fornasieri captures suspended images, unspoken words or just hinted at them, crystallized glances in an eternal present, involuntary gestures and made aware thanks to photographic impressions.

Through his shots, Fornasieri places on the same ideal narration line imagination and reality, past present and future, bringing to light the real tableaux vivants: moving shadows, architectural geometries, chiaroscuro and human matter realize completely unconscious real sets, unique acts of singular lives in which viewers can observe their own reflection. And so, the vision of these “ordinarily exceptional lives” pushes us to search for the essence of the preceding and following moments, to hypothesize stories (second, in fact, with respect to what actually happened), to rediscover oneself in the center of contingencies so common, but at the same time so extraordinarily irreplicable.

“Seconde Storie”, composed of a hundred bianconeri images, was published in 2015. From the following year it became a traveling exhibition. In 2017 it was exhibited for a month, inside the four rooms of the Casa del Conte Verde – Rivoli (TO) Museum, and then it touched several cities in Italy and was hosted in many photographic festivals and artistic kermes.